Curran Design Kennebunkport

"TO MY THINKING THERE is no place for rigidity in DESIGN. A constant evolution is WHAT INSPIRES."

Shannon Gordon, founder and principal of Curran Design Kennebunkport, is a Maine interior decorator/re-designer creating multi-faceted, residential, hospitality, commercial and retail environments.

Through an exploration of color, textures, and a love of contemporary and vintage, she pushes the boundaries and challenges the rules. 

 Shannons specialty is taking a space that is dull and boring and bringing it back to life....using what my client already owns. No matter what the homeowner has, I will make it work.  I believe it shouldn't cost a fortune to turn your home into a space you love.  Interior redesign (aka interior arrangement or one-day decorating) is a close relative of interior design. Instead of creating an entirely new decorating scheme with new furnishings and accessories, as an interior designer does, an interior redesigner works with whatever the homeowner already owns...including items purloined from other rooms in the home and rearranges it to give a room an entirely new look. The result is a decorator look without the decorator price tag.




Curran Design helps to make their clients’ living and working spaces more appealing by combining colors, textures, furniture, lighting, and space. 


Our commercial photography is used to promote or sell a product or service. Curran Design KBP focuses on detail and feel of a product to the customer and focuses upon the status and attractions of the product.


 Giving guests something they can feel and even get lost in can result in a memorable experience, one they will probably want to repeat. Add a few bright colors to animate spaces and a soothing joyful atmosphere is created.

A trendy Inn gets a new signature look.


"Perched on the banks of the Kennebunk River as it flows out to sea, Bufflehead Cove Inn offers a secluded getaway on the edge of one of Southern Maine’s most popular resorts. The Victorian cottage sits on six acres of landscaped grounds - rolling lawns, wind sculpted pines, and flower gardens."

- Frommers



Historic hotel gets a new look


Discover the essence of coastal living at our sophisticated boutique hotel in quaint Rockland, Maine. Built in 1835 by a sea captain as his home, this Federal-style inn celebrates both history and contemporary style. Located in the historic Waterfront District, our landmark hotel offers a chic, yet casual vibe that nods to its past while expressing a new nautical style and touch of luxury. Nautically-inspired guestrooms feature a refreshing blend of historic decor, warm colors and modern lifestyle luxuries. 

The Lindsey Hotel

       Now, where would you rather sleep?

This bedroom makeover shouts personality and comfort. The teal, blue, and white play well with each other, giving the room a strong focal point. Maybe you’re bored of the colors or the bedding, or the room just needs a little pop of something lively.



             Before and after Shots.....


Interiors with Provenance .   

Interiors with Provenance.


The Pomegranate Inn.    

The Pomegranate Inn.


The Lindsey Hotel.    

The Lindsey Hotel.


Manchester Village Inn.    

Manchester Village Inn.


Bufflehead Cove Inn.    

Bufflehead Cove Inn.


Maine Artists.    

Maine Artists.


I love playing around with images. At the end of each project, I design a mockup Magazine Cover for each client.



Shannon Curran Gordon was born and raised in Kennebunkport, Maine.  A fisherman's daughter, I spent my younger years on the ocean and playing in the woods.  My parents introduced me to travel at the age of 2.  My mother inspired me at a young, color and passion for different cultures. My mother is a gifted artist and interior decorator, but she's known for her incredible Inn (Bufflehead Cove Inn) and her eye for color.  

 Being a visual person, I believe the most important things in interior design is COLOR, texture and LIGHT.  My talent is taking a space that is dull and boring and bringing it back to life....using what my client already owns or purchasing new.  I believe it shouldn't cost a fortune to turn your home into a space you love.  “My job as a designer is being able to tell my client's stories through the things they choose for their home. What they’ve seen, who they’ve loved, and where they hope to go next.”