Shannon Gordon

 Known for her eclectic style, Shannon loves to merge the  classics with contemporary to create clean, calming spaces. She has the ability to walk in and immediately visualize the appropriate changes for a space, its potential and its limitations. Shannon offers real life solutions tailored to the client's individual tastes and desires. Shannon will help you see a fresh perspective and realize the true potential of your home.


Have you been frustrated with the overall look or layout of a room or space, but simply cannot determine why the space is not working for you? Curran Design Kennebunkport will reconfigure your space and provide you with a new perspective, using your existing furniture and accessories. I begin by emptying the room to establish a fresh canvas. I then determine which of your belongs should be reintroduced into the space and which should not.  I believe it shouldn't cost a fortune to turn your home into a space you love.  Interior redesign (aka interior arrangement or one-day decorating) is a close relative of interior design. Instead of creating an entirely new decorating scheme with new furnishings and accessories, as an interior designer does, an interior redesigner works with whatever the homeowner already owns--including items purloined from other rooms in the home--and rearranges it to give a room an entirely new look.